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Budget & Finance Committee (B&F)

South Bethany Budget & Finance Committee Logo

Budget & Finance Committee (B & F)
Chairperson: Randy Bartholomew


Mission & Purpose

The purpose of the Budget and Finance Committee is to provide assistance and guidance to the Town Manager and staff leading to the development, drafting and review of the Town’s annual budget and the overall financial management processes. In addition, the Budget and Finance Committee provides the Town Council assistance, guidance and recommendations on financial issues and policies.

The Town of South Bethany’s Budget & Finance Committee was formed to receive community input and work with the Town Manager, Finance Director and Town Council on budget and financial matters. The Town Council Treasurer chairs the committee. The committee is involved with:

  1. Reviewing monthly and year-to-date financial performance,
  2. Presenting financial results monthly to the Town Council,
  3. Reviewing proposals as they may affect the Town’s budget and finances,
  4. Reviewing and participating in the annual budget preparation process,
  5. Participating in the annual audit by the Town’s Independent Auditor,
  6. Investigating financial alternatives that could affect the town’s financial well-being annually,
  7. Reviewing fee and fine schedules, 
  8. Ensuring that the Town’s budget and financial activities are consistent with the Town’s Charter, and
  9. Review the Investment Policy annually.


The committee is to be made up of at least one Council Member, the Treasurer, the Town Manager and the Finance Director (ad hoc members), and up to seven South Bethany property owners. Currently the committee members include:

  • Randy Bartholomew, Treasurer 
  • Russell Beland
  • Don Boteler
  • Steve Farrow
  • Richard Juliano
  • Simon Moore
  • Tim Saxton
  • Cindy Van Horn
  • Maureen Hartman, Town Manager
  • Renee McDorman, Finance Director



Upcoming Meetings:

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Past Meetings: