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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission was formed according to South Bethany Town Code Chapter 20, which can be found at and was authorized under Delaware State Code at

At least every five years, the Planning Commission shall review the Comprehensive Plan to determine if its provisions are still relevant given changing conditions in the Town or in the surrounding area. The Comprehensive Plan shall be revised, updated and amended as necessary, and readopted at least every 10 years. In the intervening years, the Planning Commission may amend the Comprehensive Plan by majority vote, with approval by the Town Council.

The Planning Commission, with support from the Town Manager, shall prepare the annual report which describes implementation of the Comprehensive Plan (CP) and identifies development issues, trends or conditions that have surfaced since the plan was last amended, that the Town is required to send to the Office of State Planning Coordination as prescribed in the Delaware Code, Title 22, Municipalities, Chapter 7, Planning Commission, ยง 702, Comprehensive development plan. The Planning Commission shall also review any response that the State makes to this report. The Planning Commission shall make recommendations to the Town Council for updates to the CP.

The Planning Commission shall have full power to make such investigations, maps and reports of the resources and needs of the Town as it deems desirable, provided that the total expenditures of said Commission shall not exceed the appropriation for its expenses. Upon completion of any such reports, the Planning Commission shall submit the same to the Town Council with its recommendations. It shall report annually to the Town Council on its activities during the preceding year.

In addition to creating the Comprehensive Plan, the Planning Commission, upon receiving a request for partitioning, combining of lots, and minor and/or major subdivision matters, shall hold a public hearing to determine if said request meets all applicable Town Ordinances and Regulations in accordance with Town of South Bethany Code, Chapter 116, Subdivision of Land.


Chairman:   Joe Conway, Term Expires May 2025

Secretary:   Fred Reitzel, Term Expires May 2026

Member:     Richard Dallaire, Term Expires May 2026

Member:     Steven Gallagher, Term Expires May 2026

Member:     Brian Gander, Term Expires May 2026

Member:     Rob Gensler, Term Expires May 2025

Council Point of Contact (non-voting member): Bob Shields

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