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General Information

South Bethany is a wonderful place to live or visit.
To help keep our community safe and in good condition, the Town has established rules and guidelines for residents and visitors to follow.
The Town is also guided by the Town Code which can be found in a separate section on this website.


This section contains information on rules, permits, licenses, and sanitation. Permits, licenses and additional details can be obtained at Town Hall. If you are a new property/homeowner, stop by Town Hall for a Welcome Bag!!!


  • No hunting/discharge of firearms
  • No camping/living in trailer, camper, tent
  • No parking of camper/trailer on street over 24 hours except by special permit.
  • No construction – 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. or Sundays; no construction on Saturdays or national holidays from May 15 through September 15
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times
  • No dog excrement shall be left on public property–use a bag or other device to pick up and remove
  • No swimming and no wake (speeding) in canals—responsible for damage caused by wake
  • South Bethany Town Council usually meets the 2nd Friday and the 4th Thursday of each month (Except January) in Town Hall.
  • Parking Permits are required May 15 to September 15 where posted.
  • Application for Rental License or Non-Rental Declaration form must be completed prior to purchasing parking permits.
  • Four ways to purchase:  1) Online – For your convenience, you can purchase your parking permits online and permits will be mailed to you – Click or tap “Online Payments” on the Town’s website, 2) Walk in Town Hall Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (closed weekends and holidays), 3) Mail a check payable to Town of South Bethany, 402 Evergreen Rd., South Bethany DE 19930 (provide your mailing address and we will mail your permits directly to you), or 4) Call 302-539-3653, ext. 518 (provide your credit card information and mailing address and we will mail your permits directly to you).

Most Frequently Incurred by Motorists:

  • Parking without a valid permit.
  • Permit improperly displayed.  Hanging permits must be hung from the rear view mirror.
  • Remember to keep your vehicle locked to prevent the theft of your permit.
  • Parking on the roadway or against the flow of traffic.
  • Motorists are reminded to park on the right side of the road off of the roadway as far as possible.
  • Parking in “No Parking Areas,” “Lifeguard Parking,” “Handicap Parking,” or blocking driveways.
  • Rental licenses must be purchased prior to rental of any property.
  • An “Application for Rental License or Non-Rental Declaration” form must be completed before any license will be issued.
  • Each rental license is $180.
  • Rental tax is 8% of the total gross receipts and is due by October 31.
  • All property owners are responsible for maintaining a neat appearance of their property through the cuttings of grass and weeds.
  • Trimming shall be required around shrubs, trees, poles, bulkheads, buildings and other similar objects.
  • No property owner shall permit or cause any cuttings or clippings from such vegetation to be dropped, blown, or otherwise deposited in the canals.
  • Any lot or subdivided lot, improved or unimproved, except oceanfront sand dune lots and wooded lots, showing grass and/or weeds over 10 inches tall shall be in violation of the Town Code.
  • In the event that the property is not maintained, the Code Enforcement Constable will enforce compliance.
  • Check with Town Hall for requirements and fees.
  • When operating a business in Town, each license is $200 if purchased from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Check with Town Hall for details.
  • A thirty-day license may be purchased for $50 once per fiscal year (May 1 through April 30).  Check with Town Hall for details.

Trash Collection Schedule:

  • May and September—Monday and Saturday
  • June, July, and August—Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • October through April—Monday

Trash Requirements:

  • Use appropriate containers to prevent trash from being strewn about by wind/birds/animals.
  • Oceanfront home trash bin/containers should be removed during off season and severe storms.
  • To ensure the pick-up of everyday trash, bags should be put out the night before pick-up day.
  • Items that will not be collected are construction debris, automobile batteries, flammable/hazardous materials, oil/petroleum products, oil based paint, rocks, bricks, concrete blocks, concrete, dirt, stumps, tires, and yard waste.   Latex paint solidified with kitty litter, sand, or sawdust can be thrown away in the regular trash.  IT MUST BE SOLIDIFIED!
  • The Bulk Trash Pick-Up Day is scheduled annually in the spring.  The following items will not be collected:  yard waste, automobile batteries & tires, construction debris, flammable/hazardous materials, oil/petroleum products, oil based paint, rocks, bricks, concrete blocks, dirt, stumps, and appliances containing CFC Freon gas (a/c units, freezers, refrigerators).  Freon must be removed from appliances.  Freezer and refrigerator doors must be removed.  Oil and gas must be removed from lawnmowers and a sign indicating that this has been done must be taped on the lawnmower.  Latex paint must be solidified.  Materials should be placed at the curb the night before to ensure collection.  If you have questions, call Republic Services at (800)762-8888 or contact Town Hall.
  • DSWA TRASH DROP-OFF CENTER:  For bulk trash not eligible for collection on regular trash pick-up days, you may take such items to the Jones Crossroads Landfill, 28560 Landfill Lane, Georgetown, DE 19947.  Visit for more information or call the Citizens’ Response Line:  1-800-404-7080.


Yard Waste:

  • Yard waste pick is every Wednesday from May – September, then every other Wednesday from October – April.
  • Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs, and shrubbery (absolutely no soil or food products).
  • If bagged, it must be bagged in recyclable paper yard waste bags. NO PLASTIC BAGS
  • Yard waste that is in plastic bags or comingled with trash will not be picked up.
  • If yard waste is placed in a trash can, the can must be at curbside with the lid off (not in a bin).
  • Tree limbs and branches may be cut into no longer than 4-ft. lengths, bundled (cotton string only) and placed at the curb for pickup.
  • Logs are limited to 35 lbs. and 4 inches in diameter.
  • To ensure pickup, yard waste should be put at curbside the night before pickup day.
  •  Yard waste must not be comingled with trash.  Plastic bags are not allowed for yard waste pick up.



  • Pick-Up Every Friday starting in May
  • The recycling program is single stream – all recyclables are collected in one container.
  • DSWA RECYCLING DROP-OFF CENTER:  Jones Crossroads, 28560 Landfill Lane, Georgetown, DE 19947.  Visit for more information or call the Citizens’ Response Line:  1-800-404-7080.
  • Town Hall has hurricane safety tips, preparedness, and evacuation routes available for interested persons.
  • Visit the Emergency/Flood/Hurricane Information pages of this website for updated information.