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BICYCLE ENFORCEMENT MEASURES Beginning June 20, 2020 Despite the changes that the Town made with the addition and various placement locations of 36 bicycle racks, the increase of bicycles encroaching private and Town property has grown exponentially. Property owners and visitors have contacted the Town to express their concerns regarding safety hazards with bicycles parked on beach walkways and left laying alongside streets, as well as the total disregard of bicycles locked to, or abandoned on, private and Town property. Beginning June 20, 2020, the following will be enforced: 1. Bicycles not placed in racks will be moved and relocated to the closest available rack. 2. Bicycles chained to Town property such as signposts, streetlights, beach walkways, sand fence, etc., will be removed and taken to the closest available rack. The Town is not responsible for the damage, disappearance, replacement or reimbursement of bicycles or bicycle locks. 3. Bicycles with […]


Important Bicycle Guidelines for Summer 2020

PARK BICYCLES IN RACKS ONLY – Pick up a Bicycle Guidelines & Rack Locations card from Town Hall or visit a bulletin board for location information! Bicycles found outside of racks will be relocated and placed in the nearest rack. It’s a safety hazard to leave your bicycle parked on a beach access walk! Bicycles found parked/abandoned on beach access walks will be relocated and placed in the nearest rack. A “No Cart Parking” sign means No Carts! Bikes with carts can park on: Ocean Drive (south end), N. 6th St (vacant lot), Anchorage Drive Forebay. DO NOT lock bicycles to fences, Town signs or private property; DO NOT discard or park bicycles on vacant lots or private property! Bicycles found parked/locked against fences or Town signs or on private property or lots, will be relocated and placed in the nearest rack. Above all, RESPECT South Bethany and homeowner’s properties! […]


Reminders and Safety Tips for South Bethany

Click or tap to open the following PDF: Reminders and Safety Tips for South Bethany