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Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Ad hoc Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Committee (B&PSC)

established June 2021

Chair, Edie Dondero


The purpose of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Committee (B&PSC) is to provide advice and assistance to the Town Council regarding bicycle and pedestrian safety issues in South Bethany.

 Scope of Work

  • Research and evaluate bicycle and pedestrian safety conditions and practices in Town; identify issues; and make recommendations for improvement to the Town Council.
  • Communicate and work cooperatively with the South Bethany Police Department to enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Develop public education information resources—such as safety tips for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians—for Council consideration.
  • Develop a communication strategy and procedures to keep citizens informed about current and future projects and plans for their biking and walking safety.
  • Research and evaluate bicycle and pedestrian safety practices in other towns and new technologies that might enhance public safety in South Bethany.

Upcoming Meetings:


Past Meetings: