Town Council Regular Meeting

Date & Time:
Friday, October 11, 2019
6:00 pm

Town Hall
402 Evergreen Road
South Bethany, Delaware

Audio Recording of the October 11, 2019, Town Council Regular Meeting – Click or Tap Here – This audio recording is posted as a courtesy to the public. Official meeting minutes and audio of all meetings are maintained at Town Hall and are available for review by the public by FOIA request.

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Revised Agenda – October 11, 2019, Town Council Regular Meeting

First Reading – Ordinance 196-19

Leadership Reports:

Mayor Report

Town Manager and Departments

Attachment to Town Manager Report – PD Monthly Data Report

Attachment to Town Manager Report – Code Enforcement Report

Treasurer Report

Committee Reports:

Charter and Code Committee

Community Enhancement Committee

Communications and Public Relations Committee


1. Meeting Called to Order and Pledge to the Flag
A. Announcement of Absences and Participation by Remote Access

2. Discussion of letter from Artesian

3. Discussion and possible vote on Mutual Aid MOU with Fenwick Island and Ocean View Police Departments

4. Discussion and vote to appoint Susan Spingler and Peggy Tinklepaugh to the Community Enhancement Committee

5. First Reading of Ordinance 196-19 to amend the Code of the Town of South Bethany by adding a new chapter to establish uniform policies and procedures for the deployment and installation of small wireless facilities in or on rights-of-way within the Town of South Bethany’s jurisdiction.

6. Leadership Reports
A. Mayor’s Report
B. Town Manager’s Report
C. Treasurer’s Report

7. Committee and Commission Reports
A. Budget and Finance Committee
B. Canal Water Quality Committee
C. Charter and Code Committee
D. Communications and Public Relations Committee
E. Community Enhancement Committee

8. Public Comment (3-minute limit per speaker)

9. Adjournment

Note: The agenda items, as listed, may not be considered in sequence. This agenda is subject to change to include additional items including executive sessions or the deletion of items including executive sessions which arise at the time of the meeting. 29 Del.C § 10004(e)(2)

Revised & Posted 10/7/19 to clarify Item 3.

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