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Town Council Meeting

Date & Time:
Friday, March 8, 2019
6:00 pm

Town Hall
402 Evergreen Road
South Bethany, Delaware

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March 8, 2019, Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes

Revised Agenda (Revised 3 5 19) March 8, 2019, Town Council Regular Meeting

Resolution No. 1-19 To Revise South Bethany Schedule of Fees

Third Reading Ordinance 194-19

Leadership and Committee Reports (Update 3 07 19) – March 8, 2019, Town Council Regular Meeting


1. Meeting Called to Order (Mayor Saxton)
A. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
B. Announcement of Absences and Participation by Remote Access

2. Adoption of Minutes
A. February 8, 2019, Town Council Regular Meeting
B. February 8, 2019, Town Council Executive Session

3. Schedule of Fees – Discussion and possible vote to adopt Resolution 1-19, A Resolution to Revise South Bethany’s Schedule of Fees.

4. Ordinances
A. Third Reading and possible vote on Ordinance 194-19, to amend the Code of the Town of South Bethany Chapter 94, Parking, §§ 94-6 and 94-7 to end the Town’s dual system permits, eliminate nontransferable permits and transferable permits and set up one type of residential permit, and include obtaining parking permits online through the South Bethany website.

5. Discussion and possible vote on Sharp Energy, Inc. contract

6. Discussion possible vote on change to beach vendor for summer of 2019

7. Leadership Reports
A. Mayor’s Report (Tim Saxton)
B. Town Manager’s Report (Maureen Hartman)
C. Treasurer’s Report (Don Boteler)
D. Police Department Report (Chief Crowson)

8. Committee and Commission Reports
A. Budget and Finance Committee (Don Boteler)
B. Canal Water Quality Committee (Frank Weisgerber)
C. Charter and Code Committee (Jimmy Oliver)
D. Communications and Public Relations Committee (Carol Stevenson)
E. Community Enhancement Committee (Sue Callaway)

9. Public Comment (3-minute limit per speaker)

10. Executive session for purposes of: Discussion of the content of documents, excluded from the definition of “public record” in §10002 of this title, where such discussion may disclose the contents of such documents. 29 Del. C. §10004(b) (6) *

11. Reconvene and Possible vote on action items from Executive Session, if any.

12. Adjournment

*Meeting to be limited to 240 minutes as requested by a majority of Council

*This item is being added for inclusion less than 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting, as it is of a time-sensitive nature and documents were received by the Town less than 7 days prior to the meeting date.

Revised, 3/4/19 to add Item 6 Discussion and possible vote on change to beach vendor for summer of 2019. Information was not available at the time of the original posting.

Note: The agenda items, as listed, may not be considered in sequence. This agenda is subject to change to include additional items including executive sessions or the deletion of items including executive sessions which arise at the time of the meeting. 29 Del.C § 10004(e)(2)

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