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Mediacom Follow-Up Report to the 2020 South Bethany Mediacom Survey

Date Posted: Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Follow-up Report to the 2020 South Bethany Mediacom Survey
July 10, 2020
Prepared by Sue Callaway

  • The 2020 South Bethany Mediacom Survey results were posted on the South Bethany website – both graphic data and categorized narrative responses were posted in June 2020.
  • On June 19, 2020, Mayor Saxton, Mayor Pro-Tem Callaway, Councilman Oliver and Town Manager Hartman held a virtual meeting with Christopher Lord, Mediacom Communications, Government Relations Manager, Coastal Region to discuss the survey results. The purpose of the meeting was to clearly present the views and opinions of the South Bethany property owners. At the meeting, the group reviewed the data and comments thoroughly as well as the recommendations for follow-up prepared by Sue Callaway and approved by the Town Council at its June meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, Mediacom agreed to develop an action plan to address the concerns of South Bethany citizens and demonstrate their intent to resolve existing problems prior to agreeing to a new local franchise agreement.
  • On June 23, 2020, the group received a letter from Christopher Lord, describing Mediacom’s five-point plan to better serve the South Bethany community. At a virtual meeting held on July 9, 2020, Christopher Lord provided an update on each of the five points.
  • 1) Area Drive Out – Mediacom technicians are reviewing all cable attachments, cable lines in the ground, pedestals, lockboxes and other Mediacom equipment to ensure everything is in-line with industry standards. In addition, they are prioritizing repairs.

    Update: They have completed a full drive out and inventory of their entire plant in the town limits of South Bethany. They continue to fix infractions. The town will receive a full list within 30-60 days of the issues and repairs.

  • 2) Equipment Review – They will review all the high-speed Internet modems and digital boxes in the South Bethany area to ensure all equipment is up-to-date. They will contact customers to upgrade their modems if any do not meet the DOCSIS 3.0 compliant or greater.

    Update: They have reviewed all customers’ equipment and have replaced any out of date Mediacom modems. An audit of video equipment will also be conducted.

  • 3) Seasonal Rates: – They are currently preparing a flyer for seasonal rates as soon as the rates are official. This will be sent out with the monthly billing statement. They will ensure that all customer service representatives are well-versed on the seasonal plan to eliminate confusing communication. The flyer will be made available to the town and will be posted on the South Bethany website. We were assured that the seasonal flyer will provide clear information regarding the equipment process.
  • 4) Network Analysis: – Mediacom will conduct a complete network analysis of the South Bethany plant to make sure all equipment and signals meet Mediacom’s stringent and industry standards.

    Update: – Mediacom is in the process of conducting this analysis and will provide an update within 30-60 days. Results of the analysis will be provided to the town.

  • 5) Survey Follow-Up Calls: – Mediacom will increase its number of follow-up calls to customers for installation and trouble calls completed in the area. This allows customers to provide feedback on the appointment as well as any existing concerns.

    Update: Follow-up calls have been made and will continue to be made.

In summary, we have developed an action-oriented, open and honest line of communication with Christopher Lord and his team – including Pat Hynes, the local area manager. We will schedule another meeting with Christopher Lord in one month to continue our assessment of progress being made that clearly demonstrates that the quality of Mediacom service delivery and associated costs has improved.

In addition, the Town Manager, Maureen Hartman, has agreed to accept emails from property owners who have attempted to resolve Mediacom issues and problems multiple times with unsatisfactory results. The Town Manager will in turn reach out to our local Mediacom contact to request assistance and follow-up with the problem situation.