Planning Commission Vacancies

Date Posted: Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Two potential vacancies are upcoming on the Planning Commission (PC) in April, as two members’ terms are expiring. In the interest of encouraging more citizen participation in town affairs, we are publicizing these potential vacancies as widely as possible to town residents. Terms are for (2) two years and the Planning Commission meets bi-monthly or (6) six meetings a year. Members may also be asked to participate in studies and report on their findings. There are also occasional hearings on land use issues like lot partitioning or lot separation.

A major responsibility of the Planning Committee is to prepare the town’s ten-year Comprehensive Plan for approval by the Town Council and ultimately by the Governor. The last ten-year Comprehensive Plan was approved in 2016. The Commission also periodically, with the cooperation of the Town Manager, provides information on the status of the goals in the plan to the Town Council. The Council can then make informed decisions regarding their priorities as changing circumstances might require.

Interested candidates should submit a brief resume to the Town Manager by April 1, 2019.  Anyone having questions should contact the Town Manager, Maureen Hartman 302-539-3653 or by email at