Take These Steps to Walk Safely in South Bethany!

Date Posted: Friday, July 13th, 2012

Crossing Route 1

When possible, cross Route 1 at the TRAFFIC LIGHT INTERSECTIONS at Evergreen, Layton and York Roads

Press the walk signal button and WAIT for the go ahead walk signal

When crossing at a MARKED crosswalk on Route 1, WAIT until it is clear to cross

Vehicles have the right of way along Route 1 – they only must yield to pedestrians if you are ALREADY IN the crosswalk

NEVER hold out your hand or arm to stop vehicles – don’t count on all drivers to be paying attention and see your wave

Look left, right and left AGAIN when crossing Route 1

Make EYE CONTACT with drivers when crossing Route 1

Continue to WATCH traffic the entire time you are in the crosswalk When one car stops to let you cross Route 1, NEVER ASSUME other cars will also stop


All Around Town

Walk on sidewalks or paths, if none available, WALK FACING TRAFFIC, as far to the left as possible

Kids should HOLD HANDS with an adult or older sibling and not run


REMINDER: Bicycles ride WITH traffic, as far to the right as possible


Walk This Way in South Bethany Flyer – PDF Version

Take the Time to Cross Safely Graphic

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